About us

How chico's came to be

Chico's had an unconventional start as a restaurant.
Our original aim was to showcase the unique culinary stylings of our head chef, Chico Agathokleous.

Chico's Restaurant is a popular dining establishment located at 60 Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth, with the postcode NR30 2EJ. Situated along the picturesque Marine Parade, the restaurant enjoys a prime location near the seafront, offering stunning views of the coast.

The exterior of Chico's Restaurant showcases a modern and inviting design. It is a standalone building with large windows that allow natural light to flood into the dining area, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is easily recognizable, with its name prominently displayed on the fa├žade.

Book a table

Reserving a table beforehand ensures your availability to get a table due to common full bookings.
Groups of 6 or more must reserve ahead of time and deposit must be paid.